Falling Plates.  A short video about how God made each one of us unique, complex  and loved.  However the relationship we long for is broken and looking away from god we are slowly dying.  But God became one of us giving his life for our lives so that we might become what we were made to be.

Does God make sense to you?  Browse 100's of questions and answers about the Christian faith at the Christianity.net website.     http://christianity.net.au/

Christianity   Explored

  • Is there one life and that's it?
  • What am I living for?
  • If God is there why doesn't he show himself?
  • Who is Jesus and did he really exist?

Christianity Explored is a seven week  look at the basics of the Christian faith based on Mark's Gospel. You can ask any question you want.  You don't need to be religious to come. You don't need to know anything about the Bible.  Come as you are.


In each session begins with a really nice cake and coffee (or tea). there is a talk and then chance to discuss.  We finish at 9-30 pm.


Our next course starts on Tuesday September 27th at 7-30 pm.  Contact Simon Falshaw on 01384 423142 for more information or e-mail  s_falshaw@yahoo.com.  


For more information look at the Christianity explored website    http://www.christianityexplored.org/Groups/276315/Home/CE_ORG/CE_ORG.aspx