Lye Muslim-Christian   Dialogue Group

Next meeting Wednesday May 24th 7-30 pm  at Christ Church Lye  - meeting to discuss -


"Christianity is a religion of violence but its followers are people of peace.  Islam is a religion of peace but its followers are violent."


Religion is often linked with and accused of promoting violence.  what is the truth?  Is there any difference between the views of different religions?  Come and join us.  All welcome



While the history of the Christ Church Lye can be traced back to 1813 that's pretty much the only historical thing about us.


Our church was a gift to the people of Lye and today we are trying to continue that tradition by reaching out to the people around us.



A journey begins with a single step.

Mirror, Mirror ...

When you look in the mirror you see what you look like.  God also sees who you can be ...

Jesus means ...

As a name 'Jesus' means 'God Saves' - just in case you didn't understand what he is trying to do.

Coming Along ...

To come to this church you do not need to be perfect.  Just willing to admit your not and probably never will be.